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How To Make Funny Signs for Home Decor

Check out how you can create your own funny signs for your home with this fun tutorial.
Yield: 2 signs


  • Grab your thin wooden boards and apply a base coat of paint. You determine the color(s) that works best for your decor. I went with a light tan for one and black for the other. But you do what looks best for your decor.
  • Dry completely. Use a blow dryer or heat gun to speed up the drying process.
  • Once dry, grab your desired color(s) for your stencils by squirting on a plate. On our first DIY Funny Sign, carefully apply your stencil, “You Drink Too Much” in place on your board. I used my light tan board for this sign.
  • With your pouncers or finger daubers, begin to press your paint gently into your stencil. I just used black for the letters for this sign.
  • Once complete, gently remove your stencil. Add some dimension to your sign by running your finger daubers along the sides. To me, it looks a bit boring without it. Set aside.
  • Bring over your next board. I painted my board with a black base. I used the light tan to add lettering with my stencil. Repeat the steps from above to add your next stencil, “Please Excuse the Mess” for your DIY Funny Signs Set.
  • When dry, poke two holes into the tops of your boards using a tiny drill bit.  Use a jute/twine/leather cord to pop through holes. Create a hanger for these DIY Funny Signs to be displayed in your home for all to admire.