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DIY Floral Window using Transfers

Add some life to your window with this easy DIY floral window sign. You only need a few supplies and can follow my step by step tutorial to make your own.
Yield: 1 window sign


  • Prep your window by cleaning the glass on both sides.
  • Apply a coat of paint onto the back of your glass. You determine the color you want to match your home decor. I selected white, but a pale pink would look beautiful too. 
  • Dry completely and then apply the 2nd coat. Dry again.
  • Flip over your window and wipe any excess debris that may be on there.
  • Paint the window frame if you choose. I kept mine the wood look. You decide what you like best. 
  • Determine which window stencils and transfers you wish to apply. Play with placement based on the size of your window, transfers, and stencils.
  • Cut out the transfers you need from your main sheet.
  • Use a razor blade to help clean your window one last time to ensure your glass is nice and clean.
  • Rest your pink floral rub on transfer directly onto the glass. Be careful as you place it because once it sticks, it is on there.Press firmly with the flat edge tool to help it adhere perfectly. 
  • Once applied, slowly peel back your plastic film to reveal your transfer. Go back and push down in spots that might need a little more pressure. 
  • Run your fingers over the transfer to ensure you have no air bubbles.
  • Next, lay your HOPE stencil down on your window, paying attention to the placement.
  • With your pouncers or finger daubers, begin to press your paint gently into your stencil. I used pink to tie into the flowers. 
  • Once you are done filling in the stencil, pull it up carefully. You can add a bit of white to help your letters pop, but I like the way it looks as is.
  • Completely dry your paint with a heat gun before you add another floral transfer in your open areas of the window.
  • Grab the perfect transfer that will fit best in your open space. Remember you can cut your transfers and layer them as well. I don’t like to waste, so little pieces work great. Just have fun with it and be creative.
  • Add a bit of white paint along the inside of your window, resting right next to your frame. This hides any crooked cuts on the transfer. It also adds a new texture to the piece.
  • Finally, spray your wood frame board with a miniwax polyurethane spray to seal, being sure not to get on the glass. 
  • To maintain the beauty of your window, use a Swiffer to lightly dust it. No water or Windex on the glass from now on!