Studio Build?

My husband and I have been talking about redoing the middle bay in our three-car garage for my craft space. Greg has been talking to our contractor friend and, of course, he sprung it on me one day before he was due to come.


Day 1

Courtney and I started on moving everything from the middle bay to the one side of the garage in PILES. The room had to be completely EMPTY. By lunch time, we were worn out. Greg suggested asking our high school girl, Amanda, to come help to get some new help in and keep up going. Thank goodness we did! I always fail to get a before picture…

Day 2

First Day of Construction! The wall was built and insulation was put in. They were able to put a space for a window in. (So no one can sneak up on me!) And then, of course, the door frame!

Courtney had been looking on Facebook Marketplace off and on for older kitchen cabinet. She found some in Quincy which is about half an hour away from us. I had a class that night in my private group so I could not go to Quincy. Greg needed to get a few things like lights, outlets, and more wiring so Greg and Courtney headed to Quincy with the truck and trailer.

Day 3

Second Day of Construction! They got the rest of the insulation put in, the wiring for outlets, and the air conditioner put back in!

Day 4

We have floor!

Oh, and I didn’t say much about my door. I’m not sure if I’m 100% satisfied with it so we’ll see!

Day 5

Trying to put these cabinets together was a HUGE puzzle. It took awhile but we finally got it to where we were happy with it.

Here is a little Facebook Live tour of the studio!

Day 6

These countertops are one of my favorite things in here! The wood has been sitting in one of your barns for years. It actually came from my husband’s grandparents. They had a barn that was taken down by a twister. Boy, am I glad it was kept now! All it needed was a good sanding and some poly, and it was perfect!

Now it’s time to move in and find everything its own place! I’ll keep you updated though!

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