Record Cabinet Makeover

If I were keeping this piece for me, I would probably have just sealed it at this point.  I had already sanded it.  I really love the way it looked here. But, do you have any idea how much paint I have on hand?

And I am a painter after all!  And it was such a cute little piece that I couldn’t wait to tackle it! And I had a new paint brand to try! So painted it would be!

Like I said, it was already sanded at this point.  I cleaned it up again and put on a coat of Fusion mineral paint in the color Putty.  I love this color.  It is very similar to Dixie Belle’s Dried Sage, a favorite of mine.

Fusion Paint claims that you do not need to seal it, but I have also seen other brands claim that, and I did not find that to be true.  For one thing, when I use a chalk type paint, I do not like the chalky way it feels before I seal it. I see fingerprints, and it looks dusty.  I just don’t like it.

So far, I am in love with the Fusion Mineral Paint.  I love the creamy texture of it.  It goes on beautifully.  Not too thick and not too thin.  And it has a self-leveling agent that helps alleviate brush strokes. All in all, I am giving it two thumbs up! 👍👍 But I don’t think that is what this blog post was meant to be about, lol.

Anyway…I used two coats of the color Putty.. Once that was dry, I used some of Miss Lillian’s Antiquing Glaze in “Truffle” and “Black Walnut.”

I did a side at a time.  The louvered doors with the track were not the best time of my life, but I got through it! For each side, I used a foam brush and put on the truffle glaze first. Then I came back with the walnut glaze with a small brush and put it on top of the first glaze. And that is basically it.  That is where I stopped.

It still feels a little unfinished to me because I still feel like I need to seal it, but I am going with it and leaving it! Fusion claims that it is formulated with a built-in topcoat.  I am going to take their word for it!  So far, I am in love!

I actually went ahead and ordered another color.  Not sure what piece I will use it on.  I have so much other paint on hand that I SHOULD NOT be buying any more paint of any kind until I get all the other used up.

Oh well, I like to try new things and this one definitely did not disappoint!



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