Desk Makeover with Fabric!

So one day I was fixin to work on this desk.  I was born in Missouri and I have a ton of southern friends so yes, I can say “fixin”, lol.

Anyway…I took a picture of this naked little desk, prepped and ready to be painted.  I posted it to Facebook and asked for color suggestion.

My impatient nature took hold and I started painting it gray.

Almost immediately, my friend Brooke posted that she wanted it.  I didn’t take it too seriously.  People SAY they want things all the time.

Then she’s texting me, “I’m serious about desk!”

I proceeded to tell her that it wasn’t anything special and that it was small.  And I had other, more significant desks waiting in the wings.

I gave her measurements, and she measured her spot and said the size was perfect! 

She wanted the desk to be a fun pop of color.  Gray isn’t very “poppy.”  So I mentioned painting over it with her favorite aqua color and then distressing a little to let some of the gray show through.  And we talked about whitewashing it.

I mentioned maybe some fun scrapbook paper or fabric on the drawer fronts to add some fun.  It just needed to have some hot pink in it to match her desk chair. That was our answer.

She picked out some fabric from the Hobby Lobby and mailed it to me.  We live about 5 ½ hours away from each other.

I will admit, when it arrived, it did not excite me, lol.  I don’t know how she figured this out through texting, but she could tell I didn’t love it.  And that’s fine.  I don’t have to love it.  It wasn’t for me.  That is perhaps one of the hardest things about doing customs.  I have a hard time doing a project that I don’t like.  Not that I didn’t like this one, it just didn’t light me up…at first.

But I picked the pieces that had the most pink in them and it all came together for me.?

And in case you were wondering about the color of gray?  Let’s just call it a custom color, lol.  I know it was a mix of a few grays I was using up at the time.

And the fabric was put on with mod podge.  Mod podge on the drawer front, then the fabric, then mod podged over and then sealed with polycrylic also.

In the end, I think it is adorable, just like my friend.  It fits her.

Since this was for a personal friend of mine that I know fairly well, I wanted to add a special touch somewhere.  I did paint the insides of the drawers pink.  But that wasn’t quite enough.

She is a big Randy Travis fan and loves his song “I Told You So”.  So…I printed off some pictures of him from the internet.  And the song lyrics.  And mod podged them into the top drawer.

She will most likely never see them again after putting stuff in the drawer, but she will know “he” is there.

It was so fun to do that extra special little touch for her.

Brooke did a blog post about her office and it totally suits her and her personality! Go to:

And now that song is playing in my head.

Have you ever made a piece extra special for someone?

How did you do it?

I would love to see a picture of it!

Heck, I might even feature it here in my blog, if given permission 😉

Show me!!!

Feel free to send to [email protected]  Is that not the most ridiculous email address ever or what?


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