Where I have found furniture over the years.

One question people ask me a lot… “Where do you find your furniture to repaint?” So I thought I would do a little post covering just that!

When I first started, like not even started, really, I used to go to auctions. A brand new auction house popped up about 5 miles from my house!
I was beyond thrilled!!! My husband, maybe not so much.

I was buying furniture and things to repurpose before I even painted one piece of furniture. I was like a woman possessed. And in the beginning, things were sooooo cheap! I’m not sure if it was because the auction house was new, or the whole painting/repurposing thing had not fully taken hold yet. At any rate, at one of the auctions, I left with three truckloads of furniture for well under $100! I was hooked!
$5 dressers and vanities! Oh, how I wish that were still the case!
Anywho…that is where I started buying my furniture. Auctions.
But it really didn’t take long, and I no longer needed to go to auctions. Which was disappointing, on the one hand, because I enjoyed going to them. But on the other hand, the prices weren’t as good anymore either. But I had built up quite a stash.

Once people realized what I was doing with all the “junk,” a lot of them would Facebook me and send me pictures asking if I was interested in this or that. Some free, some cheap, some I paid too much for. I had to learn to say “no”.

Fast forward to when I had my store. People came in all the time, wanting to sell me pieces. At first, it was kind of awesome because I didn’t have to go anywhere to get it, it was coming to me! But that didn’t last too long. I honestly didn’t need any more until I worked through more of what I had on hand, and the store kept me so busy I didn’t have much time to work on furniture. So “no” became a lot easier unless it was something I was needing.

Currently, I have furniture in my garages, carport, a few things in hubby’s shed, a barn, a house, another garage, a bin, and a semi-trailer. Stop the madness! Honestly, I plan to go on a purging spree as soon as I can. I’m sure I’m over some of it by now, lol, it is ridiculous to have this many places to look for things. I’m actually planning to clean out the house and garage we rent very soon and hopefully work it into the storage areas here around home. Fingers crossed.

I also love to look at thrift stores. Though I think their pricing has gotten crazy high. Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. If you are keeping the piece for yourself, you can stomach the price, maybe. But if you are trying to make much profit, it just isn’t really there.

Estate sales are another way to go. I haven’t really been to very many of these, but I know it’s another option. I haven’t had time to go in years, but you should be able to get better profit margins at garage sales.

I would love to try to make it to some this coming season, but I really don’t need to. I have more than I need already! Some days I think that I have so much there’s no way I could get through it all in my lifetime!

I think that about covers it! All the places I have gotten furniture over the last 10+ years of hunting! Good luck on your quest, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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