Fun Day of Pickin!

Another fun day of pickin!!

Y’all, I can’t believe it!

I got off the farm twice this week!

Twice!!! And went pickin! It’s almost like the seal has been broken, and there is no going back now! I can’t wait to go again!

So this little episode started with my sister in law texting me around 9:30 Friday night. She sent me a picture of this cute little vintage loveseat and wanted me to talk her out of it. It was on an estate sale the next morning. Well I was of no use in that department because I thought it was adorable.

I am more of an enabler anyway. She knows that.

We kept texting back and forth and I looked at the website to see what else they would be selling the next day. Long story short, we BOTH decided to go. I thought I had heard somewhere about a winter weather advisory for the morning, but when I looked at the forecast online on AgriSource, it only said about an inch of snow. I’m kind of thinking that the weather advisory is blown way out of proportion at this point, on top of the significant toilet paper outage of 2020.

So when I get up in the morning, it’s still dark outside, but I can see that the ground is white. Hmm, we must have gotten that whole inch they were calling for. Next thing I know, I’m sitting at my desk, and its daylight, and the snow is coming down like nobody’s business! I’m so desperate to go that I keep trying to turn a blind eye.

Lindsay texts me to see if I still think we should go and tells me we can cancel if I want to. I really don’t want to!
In the meantime, my wonderful hubby checks my tires and adds a little air, fuels it up, and hooks up my trailer for me. We are going.

So I leave my house, and it is pretty slushy, crappy, but the interstate will be fine, right? So I pick her up, and we hit the interstate.

No Bueno. But we trudge on slowly. I went to try to pass at one point and about got sucked off the road, and I can see Lindsay grabbing the dash handle. So then I decided that the person going 35 mph in front of me was perfectly acceptable. I tell her that the roads usually get a little better when we cross the county line.
I was finally right about something!

We probably should not have gone, but we did make it. Snow flying the whole time! My brother thought we were crazy for going.

Then I came to realize that when I look at AgriSource, if I don’t double-check the zip code, it defaults to Lafayette, Indiana (face palm here). So you guessed it, our forecast was much worse than theirs, and I’m an idiot.

Oh well. We had fun at the estate sale. It was day 2 of the sale, so that meant half price. We found her vintage sofa. It was nowhere near as nice in person, unfortunately. I think she ended up getting a cookbook there and a garden stake with an “L” on it.

I saw quite a few pieces that I liked but I genuinely don’t need anything. Plus, I was not going to buy anything from the basement and have to haul it up the stairs and outside. I found some smalls and started a little pile. And I found a swivel rocker, in my color scheme, like new, for $20. Score!!!! I ripped the tag off that sucker in a hurry! Then we went to the garage. I should have just stopped while I was ahead.

Of course, there is this big beautiful diamond in the rough. It is an old tired wardrobe. I really should have walked away at this point. But I did not. I kind of looked it over. One door was off. No problem, it will have open storage on one side and be cool. A few other minor-ish defects. They just added character. We kind of tried to pick it up, to make sure we would actually be able to get it into my trailer. It didn’t seem to be a problem.
I grabbed a vintage trash can also, just because I like them. Then I paid, and we started loading. I got my smalls, my chair, and the drawers from the wardrobe all loaded.

Thankfully the wardrobe was on wheels. Unfortunately, it was too tall to just wheel out of the garage. We finally figure out how to lay it down and maneuver it to the floor. Holy crap, it is way heavier than we initially thought and hard to find somewhere to hold onto. But we did it. We got it carried out of the garage and then was able to stand it back up and roll it to the end of the driveway.

Then a nice gentleman offered to help us load it. Lindsay tells him yes, lol. It was very heavy, after all. Oh and I forgot to tell you that when we pulled it away from the wall, it was filthy and had termite runs and termite damage on the back. One area will just have to be replaced. I’m just glad it is on the back. Well, obviously, if it were on the front, I would not have bought it, right?

Well…probably not.

Back to where I left off.

I go get the trailer and pull up as close as I can. We wheel it as close to my loading ramp as we can. All we have to do it lift it up off the ground and move it about 10 feet now.

The end is in sight. So I get my end off the ground, and he doesn’t lift his.

He just starts shoving? What the heck?

Next thing I know, it is in more than once piece. He tells me its meant to do that, that’s why it was built with pegs in it. I think I’ve heard of a know down wardrobe? But not a rip apart one. I don’t argue. I thank the man several times, and we go on our way. It was kind of him to help us, damsels. And I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but what the what???? The piece did not just “come apart.” In my mind, it is ripped apart. I hear wood cracking. I’m scared even to look. Can this piece be saved? Only time will tell now.

Stay tuned. This will either end up being one of my best flips ever or end up in the burn pile. It could go either way.

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