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DIY Valentine Craft,

I love how this turned out!  A scrap piece of wood, some scrapbook papers, some twine and an old key…and you have yourself a pretty cool Valentine’s Day Décor piece! 

I was going to use a canvas, but then I decided to check my wood scraps first.  I found one that I liked the size of and went with it.  Next thing I did was go look at some of my scrapbook paper stash for inspiration.  I don’t have a lot of bold colors in my house anymore, so I chose to go with pink for the Valentine’s Day heart instead of the red. The pink paper actually had some script on it.  I love anything with writing, script, or numbers on it.  Then I chose the background papers.  I actually just looked through my scraps.  This was a good way to get rid of some of them.

Once I had all my papers rounded up, I started ripping pieces of the paper so they would have jagged edges.  I started with a corner, covered it with mod podge, and then laid my piece of paper down, making sure to work out any excess mod podge or air.  I did this over the entire top of the board, overlapping the papers as I went.  You could go around the sides, too, but I chose to just use a paint dauber around the outside edges. 

After I had all the papers down, I took a sanding sponge and roughed up the outside edges, making sure there weren’t any hanging over the sides.  Then I covered the whole thing with mod podge again.

While the mod podge was drying, I went old school and cut a heart from the pink paper, by folding the paper in half and drawing half a heart and cutting it out.  I sure hope you get what I’m trying to relay here.

Using my sanding sponge again, I lightly roughed up the edges of the heart.  Then I used the black paint dauber to go around the edges.  I just did this so that it would give it a little more definition.  And I loved how it made it stand out just enough.  Then I mod podged the heart over the papers, and then on top of the heart also. 

The twine and the key were the last steps.  I wrapped the twine around the board several times, using hot glue in a few places to keep it where I wanted it, and tied the key on.

And there ya have it.  I’m thinking about doing one similar for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter!

I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did!  I actually did it on a Facebook live.


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