Graduation Party Ideas,

Okay, it’s been a few years since my kids graduated High School, but I stumbled across these pictures the other day and I think they are still relevant and may help you plan your student’s graduation party or at least inspire you in some way!  Even if your theme isn’t farming, I think there are enough ideas that you can make your own!

First of all, you probably need to nail down the date and venue.  The venue was easy for us,  our machine shed.

Next, I figured out what theme so that I would know how I wanted to decorate.  I really didn’t have to buy much since we farm.  I did rob a lot of pictures and décor from our house, though!

For my daughter, we simply went with the school colors. For my son, we knew he was going to farm so we went with a farming/country theme.  I had so much fun doing it.  Making signs, making icing, making cupcakes, setting up photo area, ordering banner, basically making it special.  Lots of preparation went into this celebration!

Let’s start with some of the things that can and need to be done ahead of time.  Printing pictures, ordering pictures and/or simply putting them in frames. I used framed pictures to set around most everywhere. We also had the large banner made up ahead of time from Walgreens online.

Mints are also something that I did up ahead of time and froze.  The little cream cheese kind.  Always a huge hit.  Very tedious and messy but they are a family and friend favorite around here!

I can’t remember now if I froze the cupcakes ahead or not.  In my opinion, freezing them ahead and thawing them completely before decorating adds moistness!  Whenever I get the chance to freeze cake ahead, I do it!

We spent quite a bit of time clearing out our machine shed to get ready.  In addition to the tables we already had, we also borrowed some from our local seed company.  You could probably borrow them from your church or other local organization, too.

So once we had the shed under control, I figured out where I wanted the food tables, drinks, cupcakes, cards, photo op area, etc.

I did a little gallery wall above the food table.

For all the random, candid photo’s, I strung jute on pallets and used small clothespins to hang them. 

We made a small table out of straw bales and a barn door to put out Jenga pieces and asked people to write a memory on them and had a vintage tool box for them to put them in.  His graduation cap was displayed here with his senior pictures for guests to pick and choose from to take home with them.

We also had a very small table, with pictures of a couple of our loved ones, who we wished could have been there with us.

For the banner, we went totally redneck, lol.  We had it on the bale forks, clamped to a barn door.  It seemed fitting though!

Another slightly redneck thing we did was for the beverages.  We filled a loader bucket with ice and filled it with pop and water.  Nothing is too fancy for us!

For the picture area (which barely got used by the way), it was a mix of old doors, old window frames, metal cans, a little wagon, barbed wire, and straw. 

For the food, we had bbq pork (we bought it so we only had to heat it up), baked beans, cheesy potatoes, chips, cupcakes, mints, nuts, and homemade ice cream.

That was my son’s graduation party in a nutshell.  I’m sure I left some things out.  We did have his graduation gown hanging from a tractor mirror and his senior mug was on display somewhere, but that’s the gist of it!

I so hope you found some inspiration in there somewhere!

Here are some options for the Jenga blocks, jute, and clothespins!


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