Dressing Room, Cry For Help

This has been a long time coming. Out of necessity mainly. Can I tell you a secret? I LOVE clothes. My name is Tammy, and I am a clothing-aholic. No kidding.

I USED to love shopping…in stores. In the last several years, I have lost my thrill of shopping in the store. I think it’s because I feel like I need to be working. And I love what I do so I would instead be working than shopping most days!
But that does not mean that I don’t shop. It just means that it has gotten way too easy for me to buy from the comfort of my own home. No need to drive 30 minutes plus one way and shoot half a day or even a full day.
These little ads pop up on my Facebook all the time. It’s like they KNOW me!

Cute tops. Frayed jeans. Purses. Shoes. And then there are the sale emails all the time. Usually, I don’t buy unless it’s a good sale, or at least A deal, or at the very least not too expensive 😉

BUT…as y’all as my witness, I am cutting back drastically. This has been an eye-opener for me. My clothes are out of control. Many dressers and multiple closets, and I can never find anything. Stop the insanity!!!
I tried to do this about 3-4 years ago. I had my husband fashion me a clothing rack out of an old cattle feeder. It is not light. It was a biatch to get up the stairs. I’m pretty sure there are noticeable scars in my house from its delivery upstairs, but I must have blocked them out.

Anyway, …3-4 years ago, we got the cattle feeder/clothing rack upstairs and ready for me to adorn it with all my clothes…or as many as it could hold. No problem. I filled it all up. Getting all my clothes out of the walk-in closet meant that my husband and son could now share it, and it would be so handy for them, right off the bathroom. Perfect right!?! Totally selfless of me also!!!

Well, it was wonderful in theory. Until I realized I would have to go upstairs anytime, I needed something to wear.
UGH. How had I overlooked that? Or did I want it so badly that I rationalized it to fruition? Either way, no Bueno.
Slowly my clothes started filtering their way back into the closet downstairs. First, it started with my work clothes. “I’ll just keep a few things downstairs.”Whatever got washed never seemed to make it back upstairs.

Over the last few years, I found myself never going upstairs, like hardly at all. But I also found myself still shopping for clothes. So mostly, I have ended up with a full wardrobe upstairs and an entire wardrobe downstairs.
The downstairs walk-in closet was bursting at the seams. My son went through his clothes in there while I was on a business trip a couple weeks ago, to thin it out because he was tired of not being able to find anything. YIKES
I had planned to start this project a few months ago, but we plan, God laughs. It’s a work in progress now. I am always a work in progress. Fingers crossed, I can do this. I know the exercise of going up and down the stairs won’t be bad for me!

After lugging clothes back upstairs this time, and adding a few more garment holders, the majority of my clothes are back upstairs. I am desperately going to try to make this work. It’s like my own little store up there now!
It’s really nothing pretty.

I painted the turquoise wall white. Changed out the rug. It’s a lot of clothes. I am not going to do a massive day of trying on everything and trying to thin it out more. I am just going to start a box of things that I don’t want as I go along. I have sorted some out already, believe it or not.

I wish it had an adorable chandelier where the ceiling fan is, but dang it, I am a sweater, and I need my fan. And I wish I had shelving all along the walls and everything fancied up, but this will have to do.
And now you know why I have put a self-inflicted ban on myself to not buy any more clothes for a very long time!

My vision was to be something a little more like this ? but this ? was my reality!

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