Gumball Machine Makeover,

I am slowly trying to get my house converted to the neutralized farmhouse look; the whites, creams, tans, browns. They just feel so peaceful and calm to me. But just because our gumball machine is red doesn’t mean it has to go! It is getting a new look that will make it fit right in!

As with most projects, this was easier and went a different way in my head. I originally planned to brush on the paint because I have some and because it’s cold outside to be spray painting. BUT, I was not loving the way that was going so I switched gears. Hmmm, I’m getting ahead of myself here…

Let’s Get Started!

To prep, I emptied all the skittles out (the whole time wishing I hadn’t just refilled it a week ago with 123 ounces of skittles) and took it apart and removed the plexi glass.

I used a sanding disk to rough up all the areas to be painted just to give the paint a little something to grab onto.

Next, I cleaned it all up with just a damp rag and then let it dry.

Once completely dry, commence spray painting! Do not try to get it covered in one layer! Light coats are better and make it easier to avoid paint running and make sure to let paint dry between each coat. If you are not able to do this outside, be forewarned that will go EVERYWHERE. Spray paint magically sticks to everything around it. Even your shoes so wear old ones!

Once completely dry, I just put it all back together! Now I need to find a neutral colored candy to put in it! ?


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