A Quick Thriftin’ Haul

Hey there!  Have you ever tried to stuff 25 pounds of sausage into a 5-pound bag? Hahaha! Well, this isn’t quite like that, but I did try to stuff shopping in 3 stores into about an hour and a half, so it kind of feels like the same thing to me!

I was on a very tight schedule.  I had to take my daughter to the dentist at 8am.  The appointment should have taken about an hour.  Ok.  Then gives me time to run to the Wal-mart and get some groceries, etc. 

I got her to the appointment a little early.  Bonus.  That will give me more time at the thrift stores! And one opened at 9, and the other two opened at 10. 

I had a virtual meeting that I wanted to make it home in time for at 11, but if worse came to worse, I could play it on my phone on the drive home. I should be picking up Court about 9, or possibly even heading downtown and ready when the doors open!

Things are going good.  I get everything and head to the checkout.  Of course, there are only two lanes open. Insert massive eye roll here. 

The one lady I had had before and knew better.  Bless her heart, but she is slower than molasses in December.  But the other checkout had a longer line.

I was torn.

I made the wrong decision.

And, of course, I had a cart full.  And instead of going and getting another cart, or asking me to, or simply putting some of the bags on the floor, she keeps holding one in her hand and only using one hand to check out.  You have got to be kidding me!  And I still have a lot to unload out of my cart before I can take my empty cart down there to unload the bag carousel.

Could she not flash her little light and request someone bring her a cart?

Finally, I grab my purse and run off to grab another cart.  Yay!  She can put the bag down and speed up the process, right?  Not.

I could not see any noticeable speed increase.  And Courtney had texted when I first started to unload the cart that she was done.  I said I’ll be there as soon as I can.  At least 10 minutes later, I texted her and told her I was still in line.  Hoping the nice little lady would get a clue—no such luck.

I really wish I would have timed this whole fiasco.  It had to be 20 minutes.  I’m sure she doesn’t get paid any more for moving any faster, but gee whiz, it was painful for me!  Plus, if you know me at all, you know that I am extremely hot-blooded.  Stupid me, I was wearing a cowl neck top.  And a mask.  Both were holding in the heat that I so desperately needed to let out!  Finally got out of the store and stripped my mask off, and my face was so sweaty!  Ugh, but I digress!

Anywho…I leave Walmart and get Courtney, who had to have been waiting at least 15 minutes for me.  Sorry, Courtney.

So, we finally get to the Salvation Army and do a little shopping.  This one is in Quincy, IL.  I’m pretty sure they are all this way, but they just seemed so overpriced.  I didn’t get too much there.  I did buy some 29 cent notebooks.  We use those all day, every day at home, and in case we didn’t make it home by 11, Courtney would need to be taking notes for me!

I also managed to snag some old coffee mugs with a vintage green stripe.  I got 3 of those.  Did I mention my main focus for thrifting was to find some cute things for a hot cocoa bar?

Also found some big orange ornaments for next Fall.  I am definitely not opposed to buying out of season!

Then on to the next.  I just remembered this store that morning, so it was a last-minute addition.  The one that sealed the deal that I would be listening to the meeting from my car.  But it was worth it.

Little Bits and Pieces Antique Mall was the next stop.  And since the Salvation Army was kind of a bust, we were 10 minutes early.  And the worker was 5 minutes late.  But it was still worth it. 

I ended up with a like-new pair of ice skates and the most adorable vintage truck!  You can see it in the picture!  I almost passed it up.  Then I went back for it.  I am so glad I did!  It would have been one of those that would have haunted me if I hadn’t!  It has trees glued into the bed and snowflakes painted on it!  I love it so much. I bought an old vintage truck off eBay to replicate it!  It should be finding it’s way to me this week!

The main thing I was looking for for my cocoa bar was an old, vintage, red plaid thermos.  The ones you see at all the antique stores.  Just not today. 

On to my last stop.  Good Will.  Not a whole lot I couldn’t live without there either, but I did score this amazing gumball machine!

I took it all apart and ran the globe through the dishwasher, and cleaned up every other piece of it.  Then I had to google how to put it back together!  Oh well!  It is clean and all in one piece again!  And did mention it was only $6.99

So, all in all, it was a pretty good haul.  I really didn’t need much, so I’m glad I didn’t find too much!

When I got home, I went live, showing everyone what I got.  And the next day, I decorated my cocoa bar with my new finds.  During one of those videos, a vintage store owner saw that I was looking for a thermos, and she sent me pictures of two she had.  I loved them both.  They will also be finding their way to me this week!!

To see the Facebook video, click below!

Her Facebook page is called ‘So pretty, Designs by Melissa Cechota,’ so if you are local to her (in Georgia, I think), check her out.  But definitely check her out online.  And don’t forget that she ships!

I am already itching to go junkin again!  Planning to go a week from today!

Where are your favorite places to junk?

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