What Lies Underneath

Have you ever been a part of a Business Mastermind where you are with other like-minded business owners for the sake of networking, learning, and growing together? Everyone I have been to so far has been just a little different. I just got back from the most amazing one ever.

There were roughly twenty of us small business owners in a large 25 bedroom house in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. My husband is a big part of what I do, so I wanted him to come with me, and he was able to this time. Thank goodness, and you will understand what I mean by this shortly.

Masterminds have so many levels. You think it is all about the business, but it goes so much deeper than that. Things can get heavy. People “stop being polite and start getting real” (to quote MTV’s The Real World) after a few days or drinks. People have side conversations where they share some of their most personal feelings and things that have happened to them in their past. This is not forced or even encouraged. It just happens when you are with the right people.

At this Mastermind, everyone got a “hot seat.” We each had about 30 minutes to give a brief background of what our business is and what we are currently struggling with, and everyone gives their advice on how to help you.

In previous Mastermind’s, I would rarely have any questions ready. And didn’t know what to talk about. And I would take my turn toward the end.
Have I also mentioned that I am shy by nature, and I have anxiety? Those used to seem to work against me, and still do most days, but I have gotten to the point at these events that I like to go earlier. Like first or second. Part of it is strategically and part of it to get it over with.

I decided to march up there and plant my name first on the list. Pretty stinking proud of myself at that point! A few hours later, I realized that an important person who could have valuable feedback for my business wouldn’t be there on time. I had to move to the top of the schedule for the third day. Ok, not the end of the world. I can relax the next couple of days and take it all in.

My anxiety had other ideas.

So many thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I don’t belong here. I’m not good enough. These people are so far ahead of me. I am starting all over, brand new on this blogging adventure. Why did I get accepted into this Mastermind? I have nothing to offer these people.

Apparently, these things were written all over my face. One of my friend’s husbands came over at one point and tried to give me a pep talk. I will love him forever for that.

I woke up the morning of my hot seat, so unbelievably nervous. Shaking like a leaf. Nerves are racing. But time marches on, and like my grandma always used to say, it was time to “poop or get off the pot.” I had to pull up my “big girl panties” and do it. It was my turn.

Once I got started, I was fine. I started with how I had just closed my brick and mortar and signed the papers, and my building was sold the day before we left to come to the Mastermind. That blogging was my brand new baby, and please don’t tell me my baby is ugly. Everyone laughed, and it was all good from there.

One of the things everyone saw for me, among many other things, was to do with fashion. They all seemed to think that I had style and that brands should be paying me to wear their clothes on my Facebook lives, etc., and give links to where I bought them, etc. They were so kind and uplifting and even called me “trendy” at one point.

What the what? So much building me up on my outward appearance was something that truly made me happy and made me giggle. Like a lot. Little did they know…but they would find out later that night…

One of our colleagues treated those of us that were there our last night to an Escape Room experience.

It was a lot of fun and a little chaotic at times, but very cool! I love haunted houses and the props, so this escape room scene that we were in was much like that. It was four prison cells. Toilets, beds, lockboxes, bars, the whole deal.

We came back to the house after that and relaxed with some adult beverages. That was when I finally told them. All this talk about my fashion style during my hot seat that morning and all the while I was wearing my husband’s underwear! That was a first for me! I had run out and didn’t realize it until I had gotten out of the shower that morning. I could have gone commando, I suppose, but that did not appeal to me in the least! Had I realized I was out of underwear the night before, I would have done some laundry!

And the shirt I had on that day, just happened to have a slit in the middle of the back, from the waist up. I kept trying to make sure it was closed all day. But of course, when I bent over, it was noticeable. I do have to say that his undies were pretty comfortable!

Although the thick waistband probably gave me away. I know one friend told me later that she had noticed the waistband when I bent over but hadn’t realized what she was looking at!

I probably could have gone without telling this story, but they told me I had to!!! It was too funny not to, I suppose. I mean, picture me being told about how they like my outfits all week and how I put them together, etc…and here I am wearing my hubby’s undies underneath! Thank goodness he was with me on this trip!!!

I hope this at least made you smile!

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