Hay Bale Camper Scene

Hey there!  I know it may be too late to get this going this year, but here is my Fall yard décor! And I cannot believe it, but I think I took quite a few pictures this time!!

To start with, you have to have an amazing husband that may or may not see your vision but continually helps you bring them to fruition. I won’t tell you that I wanted the hay bale there at least a week before it got there because that’s not important.  It got there when it got there, and I made the most of it!

We actually left the bale on a little car trailer to make it easier to put it where we wanted it and for removal later.  So once it was in place, I just started spray painting.  I started with the red door and went from there.  I was pretty nervous to start, but I think that is the main thing.  Just start.  It’s only paint, and it can be painted over if need be.

The next steps were painting the blue for the bottom and the white for the top part.  And with the black, I painted the doorknob and the windows.  Easy peasy.

Then I got to start decorating.  I was torn between making it look decorated for Fall or Halloween.  At one point, I had a mix of both, and that just wasn’t working for me.  In the end, I went with fall.  But I did keep my black crows.  I think they can go either way.

Then I decided to grab one of my old bicycles from the end of the garage, where it has been in a flower garden for a few years.  I added some fall florals in the basket and at the base of the handlebars.  If I had had more florals, I would have used them, but that was all I had on hand that worked.  And this is where I finished at the end of day one.  I felt it still needed mums and pumpkins.

Several days later, I finally made it to town.  But, I can be kind of a tight butt.  The thought of spending that much on all the pumpkins I thought it needed, and mums seemed crazy.  Almost wasteful, lol.  Because I know me.  The mums will die.  They will not get transplanted.  It’s fall here and were are always busy, but now you throw in Harvest besides and just trust me, taking care of and transplanting mums ain’t gonna happen.

Anyway…I couldn’t bring myself to buy pumpkins but I did cave and buy one large mum and one small one, only because they jumped out at me on the way to the checkout. 

As I drove by a neighbor’s house, I saw her wooden pumpkin outside and remembered that I had a trio of those same wood pumpkins.  I just needed to find them.  Not the same as real pumpkins, but I was ok with it. 

I did not find those pumpkins, but we did find some corrugated tin pumpkins, some cheap wire pumpkins, and a huge wooden pumpkin…all in my stashes.  BONUS.  No need to spend any money on pumpkins!

I also added two little vintage chairs on either side of the door and a wooden flower to one of the square bales.   So cute!

You really can’t see the doormat, but there is one!  And it was only a dollar at Dollar Tree!!!

Here is how I would like to up-level it for next year…1.  Paint the cinder blocks to match the blue color. 2.  Maybe more mums but if not, at least have them blooming for the picture  3.  Add a welcome sign over the door.  4.  Maybe add a fire pit.  5.  May add some corn stalk bunches with sunflowers tied in the ribbon. 6. Maybe an awning on one side.

And thankfully I will be able to remember all of this because it is in a blog post!

Oh and a friend challenged me to do a mixed media project on this!  I made a few changes but I think it turned out pretty cute!

Now what will I do for Christmas????


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