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More Fun with Furniture Transfers!

So I have had this awesome, little green window laying in my garage in my way, for quite some time.

I have been doing lives every day for a while now. I rarely plan ahead for these. So I was scrounging around looking for a project. I spied the window. And I had furniture transfers open from the previous crafting live.
I hurriedly washed the window and ran inside to make lunch and let the window dry.

IF I had been prepared, I would have sanded the window before going live also, but I wasn’t. So I did end up sanding the window after the live.

Basically, you just apply the transfer to it. I cut out the pieces I wanted and kind of laid them out where I thought I would like them. I knew where I wanted the script to go, so I just laid out the flowers around that.
And then I started rubbing.

The transfers come with this little stick that you rub the transfer onto your surface with.

That’s it! Pretty simple. If you want to watch me do it, you can watch the video of me doing this window here…

One of a Kind Mirror Makeover

This was another one of those things that just laid around in my way. I had spray painted the mirror and distressed it. I had meant to take it to my store, but for whatever reason, it never made it there.

Then I closed the store. And still, it sat.

Skip ahead a few months, and I am needing to do a Facebook live and looking for something to make.

It was this mirror’s time to shine!

I dusted it off and cleaned the glass, and we had a beautiful, clean slate to work on!

I also did this one on a Facebook live, so if you would like to actually watch me do the video, you can…

So, I roughly decided how I wanted the transfer to go. I knew I wanted it on the left side of the mirror for the most part. I was also going to add some random small flowers here and there, but in the end, I felt like the left side was good, and I needed to leave some of the mirror showing, right?!?

Also, knowing I was planning to also stencil the window, I had to trim down the side of the transfer a little bit.
Once I had it cut and figured out how I wanted it placed, I commenced rubbing it on.

After the transfer was in place, I got my paint and finger sponge ready.

I did a little research about what type of paint to use on glass. Enamel was the recommendation. So I laid my stencil down and dabbed on the paint.

I have also checked, and the furniture transfers are ok to be put on glass. They just tell you not to use any chemicals on it, like glass cleaner.

So I would probably just Swiffer it to be safe.

And there ya have it.

Two more uses for furniture transfers!

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