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Dresser & Side Table ft. Furniture Transfers

So, today was day 12 of going live. I did this side table and dresser one-day last week, during one of those lives.


I used Yankee Blue from Dixie Belle. While I liked the color, it really wasn’t as navy as I wanted, so I added some Black Walnut Glaze from Miss Lillian’s. That was much closer.

My sister in law is the one who I went junkin’ with the previous weekend, and we had been talking about her redoing her bedroom. She showed me her new comforter, and we talked about paint colors, etc. She was also telling me about a few projects I had sold at my store that she had loved, that had floral transfers on them.

So when she commented “navy,” I got an idea. I will paint it for her bedroom redo and add the floral transfers that she loved! So that is exactly what I did.

Unfortunately, this transfer must be discontinued because I couldn’t find them online. At least not on Amazon anyway, but there are others to choose from.

The colors of her comforter (I think) are navy, teal, gray, and mauve. I used little gray flowers and a cluster with tealish and mauvish colors.

I sealed with Dixie Belle’s clear coat in satin and done.



This was just your average, ordinary piece of old blonde furniture. Nothing to look at, but had good bones. I don’t think I have ever come across a piece of blonde furniture that wasn’t well made. Occasionally there may be a veneer issue, but all in all, they are sturdy.

For this dresser, after cleaning it all up, I sanded the whole thing. There was some loose veneer in a couple places, so I just sanded extra there.

For the side table, I asked on my page what color I should paint it. Only two people answered. One said navy blue, and the other said red. Well, the blue one was my sister in law, so I went that way.

After the drawers were sanded and cleaned up, I stained them. I used a walnut stain. It didn’t go a ton darker, but it was just enough, in my opinion. If I had gone too dark, then the transfer would have been less noticeable. And that would have been ok, also, but wasn’t quite what I wanted this time.

Then I painted the mainframe with Dixie Belle’s Caviar. My favorite black paint.

Two coats. Distressed. Then sealed with Dixie Belle’s Clear Coat in Satin.



These can be a little scary, at least the first time. I was a bit rusty when I did this one. And I did it on a Facebook live, on a friend’s page! What was I thinking? Oh well, it turned out beautiful! It doesn’t matter that I was sweating bullets, right?

After I applied the transfer, I sealed it with two coats of Dixie Belle’s Clear Coat in Satin, and that’s a wrap!
Unfortunately, I’m afraid this transfer is also discontinued. I was going to put a link in for it, but I could not find it on Amazon.

If you have used these transfers or do in the future…I would love to see them! I have a couple more that I cannot wait to work on! Hopefully soon! Stay tuned!

If you want to see me actually applying them, here ya go….

Don’t know where to find the transfers? Check out my Amazon Store!

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